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Zero Percent :: Ryo & Ueda Community

Ryo Nishikido (錦戸亮 - Nishikido Ryou) and Tatsuya Ueda (上田竜也 - Ueda Tatsuya) are two celebrities in Japanese idol agency Johnny's & Associates. Working in different units (Kanjani8 and NEWS for Ryo, KAT-TUN for Tatsuya) these two have had their differences throughout the years. Is it true dislike, or a cover-up for something more...?


Keep it 'ryoda', please! Others are great, but only Ryo and Ueda for our community.

No bashing, flaming, or otherwise being nasty please! We want a friendly atmosphere here~

☆ All kinds of ryoda fanworks are allowed, but please put all images but previews and any bigger chunks of text under an LJ-cut! (Don't know how to cut? →click here!←)

☆ If you're sharing NC-17 content, please set your post to 'Members-only', and please lj-cut anything NC-17 too.

☆ Please, do NOT friends-lock shared posts to your personal/writing journal or to your community! What's the point of 'sharing' if you don't want to share?
Note: Locking the entry three days, week later is against the rules too. You should be willing to keep it public.

☆ Subject line of your posts should include the type of fanwork you are sharing placed in the []. We do not have a set list, but please make it clear what you are posting
e.g. [fiction], [oneshot], [multichapter], [translation], [advertisement], [picspam], . . .

Tag your entries.
* Each post should have a tag indicating what it is, the current general tags (starting with !) available are:
* moreover, fan fiction posts should include two more tags: rating: and length:
* complete list of tags is available -->here<--. If you think a new tag should be created, contact the mods.
✭ If you screw up, don't panic! We're friendly mods and we'll give you a chance to fix things, but please don't deliberately go against our rules~

✭ Have any further questions? Ask →HERE← or email ryodalove.mods[at]gmail.com :)

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